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Since the induction of its first batch of graduate and undergraduate programs in 2015, IHBM has emerged as a well-known institute of health and business management and is poised to be among the best learning institutions in the country. At IHBM, we are determined to impart quality education in health and business to students selected on merit irrespective of ethnicity, gender, religion or financial means. It is our resolve to provide an environment conducive for meaningful and productive linkage between the industry and academia.

IHBM is looking forward to prepare such educated and responsible citizens who understand the dynamics of corporate and health sector organizations, and who will get rewarding opportunities in the job market, or will be capable of setting up their own business or services. Our Institute offers you an academic environment conducive to learning and developing with a high sense of self-discipline and care for community and society.

The entire world is transforming into a village of knowledge economies. I sincerely believe that students of health and business professions, both young and the experienced ones, are adequately conscious about importance of learning with the support of information technology. I would advise all the students, faculty and staff that it is our responsibility to productively engage in all academic and co-academic activities, display disciplined behavior, ensure emphatic listening, ask penetrating questions, be well prepared, and show active interest in acquiring knowledge. These are the fundamental roots of IHBM's hall mark vision and mission.

To conclude, I firmly foresee that candidates joining IHBM will complete their degree courses in scheduled time as confident, knowledgeable, self-disciplined and responsible citizens.