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  • Prof. Dr. Amna Rehana Siddiqui
  • Professor & Incharge
  • APPNA Institute of Public Health-AIPH


Public health upholds wellbeing of entire population by developing techniques and strategies to evade preventable disease, injuries, disabilities, and deaths, optimizing healthy socio-environmental conditions. Institutes of public health complement medical care through research and education in developing health systems and policies to further equity based population health care. To address changing needs of population and organized health care an essential human resource development that excels in public health domains is required at various levels. At AIPH a dedicated faculty trains individuals as bachelors and masters in public health sciences advancing to higher levels in imparting curricula through continued research in critical areas like risk management, behavior change, violence, mental health, transmission dynamics, nutrition and immunization, and ethics while engaging with population and health care organizations. AIPH is instrumental in developing models of public-private partnerships, local and international academic collaborations, for pathways to advocacy and policy.

I welcome colleagues, students, public health and clinical professionals to join us at AIPH in fulfilling the aspirations for wellbeing of our population through research, teaching and services. We can bring together knowledge translation for developing skills set required for our country.