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  • Chairperson & Head of the Department


Pathology, the study of disease processes and their manifestations, is a fundamental discipline that forms the basis for understanding various medical specialties and their diagnostic approach. Our department serves as a cornerstone in the medical curriculum, providing vital knowledge and skills to both undergraduate medical students and postgraduate trainees.

In the undergraduate medical curriculum, Pathology plays a pivotal role in shaping future physicians. We provide comprehensive lectures, practical sessions, and tutorials that enable students to comprehend the underlying mechanisms of diseases and their clinical implications. By emphasizing the importance of accurate diagnosis and effective management, we strive to instil a strong foundation in Pathology that will serve as a bedrock throughout their medical careers.

In addition to undergraduate teaching, our department is dedicated to providing exceptional postgraduate training to M.Phil pathology candidates. Our postgraduate program offers specialized education and training opportunities for those pursuing a career in pathology. Through rigorous research, advanced diagnostic techniques, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies, we ensure our trainees develop the necessary skills to become proficient pathologists and contribute to the field's advancements.

None of our achievements would be possible without the dedication and expertise of our esteemed faculty and staff. Our department is fortunate to have a team of highly experienced and passionate individuals who excel in their respective fields. Our faculty members are renowned experts in their areas of specialization including histopathology, microbiology and hematology. Our supportive staff members work tirelessly behind the scenes, providing administrative support, maintaining our laboratories, and ensuring a conducive learning environment.

As the Head of the Department of Pathology, I am proud to lead such a dynamic and efficient team. Together, we are committed to fostering a culture of academic excellence, and research innovation.

We at Sindh medical college, follow the integrated module system of medical education. It is a revolutionary approach that integrates Pathology education across various modules, enhancing the learning experience for medical students. By incorporating pathology into the curriculum alongside other clinical subjects, it fosters a comprehensive understanding of disease processes and their impact on patient-health. This integration allows students to apply their knowledge of pathology directly to clinical scenarios, bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and practical application.

At Pathology department, we have one auditorium/lecture hall and three fully equipped laboratory setups comprising of Histopathology, Microbiology and Clinical Pathology. All labs are equipped with multimedia, internet facility, Nikon binocular microscopes, Multi-head microscopes, sound system and audio-visual aides. Histopathology Lab consists of a latest gross bench, microtome, tissue processor and various stains for specimen processing. Our lab technicians possess the expertise to perform necessary laboratory procedures.