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Welcome to the Department of Physiology Thank you for stopping by!

Physiology is the study of the biological processes that enable life to exist. Our department examines the interaction between factors that determine health and disease at the cellular, tissue, and whole-organism levels.

In many ways, expertise in physiology underpins the possibility of breakthroughs in specialized areas of study such as cell biology, cardiology, psychiatry, and so on. We take pride in engaging in meaningful collaborations with other disciplines and enabling clinical applications of scientific discoveries.

We have the most energetic and dynamic faculty available for students teaching and support. JSMU follows an integrated modular system of medical education which is adopted all of over Pakistan and other countries as well.

Physiology department has two laboratories, very well equipped with latest and modern gadgets, apparatus and instruments like multimedia projectors, latest computer systems, CCTV, Power Lab devices, Binocular microscopes, Perimeters, Snellen`s Charts, Centrifuge and ECG machines etc.

Goal of our department is to foster excellence in our learners, faculty, and staff alike. We provide outstanding opportunities for medical and allied health sciences training at the undergraduate levels.

On behalf of the Department of Physiology, I'd like to emphasize our intention to assist in raising the university's standard and ensuring that it remains a center of excellence in the future.